Welcome to The Gibran Society. You will find here our aspirations, core values, and who our trustees are, and in addition, news about our work.

We exist for a reason: to advance Gibran's work and values. We do this through promoting education, ethics, equality, and peace in Nigeria, especially through implementing development projects where they are most needed: among women and children and in the north east of the country.

We also work to instill values into Nigerian society, being tragically missing today in our institutions. We believe that a society that is guided by ethics as well as one devoted to books, would prosper in a dignified manner. This is why we believe every Nigerian youth should read Gibran's The Prophet, and read widely.

We believe in the inalienable value of peace, and that women and girls are as entitled to the pursuit of happiness as their male counterparts. To make society work, we promote respect for our diversity in cultures, creeds, and appreciation of the world.

Please become our partner today, support our work, so we can make Nigeria and the world a better place, together.

Thank you.