The Gibran Books and Values Society is an NGO registered under Nigeria’s Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990.

We shall promote the academic study of the Lebanese philosopher, Kahlil Gibran’s work and organize conferences, workshops, symposia, and seminars to that effect. This is already being implemented in Gombe State University, where The Prophet is part of the curriculum for up to three courses. We shall encourage and support translation of his work and establish literary prizes in his honour.

We shall through our development programmes advance literacy, education, ethics, peace and inclusivity, guided by the universal vision enshrined in Gibran’s work. His legacy of recognizing universal interconnectedness is desperately needed in our society and world today, and GBVS aims to play a role in popularising this legacy in Nigeria.

Based on our belief that education is the most efficacious path to progress for all societies, we at GBVS shall work to generally advance book culture in Nigerian society. We believe that society needs strong positive values to attain sustainable progress. We shall work to promote ethical practices at institutional and personal levels for growth, peace, and progress.


We are the premier Nigerian ethics organisation inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s life and work to promote, peace, literacy and education, foster cooperation and inclusivity, while supporting groups and institutions to operate ethically.


We shall consistently endeavor to promote Gibran’s values including peace, literacy, and ethics, and implement projects that promote respect for diversity, deepen inclusivity and make books innate to our society’s value system.


GBVS’s key strategic aim is to stir a study of Gibran in Nigeria, while implementing programmes that can translate into significant improvement to life quality, especially for marginalised groups – including children, women, minorities and youths. In doing so, GBVS hopes to play a part in achieving the UN SDGs, particularly in the areas of quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities, peace, justice and strong institutions, climate action, and partnerships. We shall consistently encourage society, in line with Gibran’s ideals, to concentrate on common grounds and adopt the understanding that humanity’s destiny is shared.